Minnie Gunn

KTAaand here we go.

Sorry for the delay on this one, I was zipping around the country all week and the page wasn’t playing nice on a laptop screen.

I do not apologise for how utterly silly this is, on the other hand. Or for what follows.

Have fun, shiny happy people.


Oh Minnie.  Look what you did.

Stay safe guys.

- Jack

Hi guys, just letting you know we’re not dead. We’re currently working to build up a back-log, to buffer ourselves against future festival dates and things. KT is hard at work drawing and inking and I’m hard at work inventing new words- I mean, writing the comic. Yes. *wise nod*

Anyway, we thank you for your continued patience and rest assured, we are not ceasing this.

- Jack

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It’s the dreaded H-word.

Yes, we are on a brief one, as we have entered folk and culture festival season, and this is where KT does a lot of work. Since it’s awful hard to do a comic while dragging a suitcase from festival to festival bringing the joy of comics and drawing to kids all over, I’m going to entertain you all with some juggling in the interim.



Everyone’s a critic.

So, I figured you guys could help me set up an FAQ for the comic by asking some questions. I would draw something for y’all, but I’m currently training for a career change and that’s time consuming stuff too.

SO, ask away!

We’re having a break week here at MG and GL, due to other commitments.  Yes, dear readers, we are very committed (perhaps we should be).

As a consolation prize, I bring you this, a doodle I futzed around with on photoshop.

The Gentlelady Thief disappears into the night.  Whoosh.

My faithful partner in crime comes to the rescue with GL and backflips. I like it when that happens. Sorry guys, we’ll be be back on track soon. I like these next few pages too much to rush them.


This week’s comic is running a bit late, due to rescheduled workshops stealing the artist’s weekend. Watch this space though, it’s on its way and I’m pretty excited about these next few pages. In the mean time, here, have a Gwen.


I warned you people I’d start something this spring, and here we are. Along with my trusty partner in crime Calico Jacque, my first go at a weekly webcomic for you.

This is all a bit under construction, expect further prettyfication, as well as goodies like character profiles and the like.

What is this about? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. It may or may not involve one or more of the following: dashing/smug gumshoes, well mannered miscreants, trigger happy vigilantes and unintentional super-science.

All the best, shiny happy people.

– KT

Despite my current fascination with the evolution of the domestic dog, I won’t say aught of it here.

Minnie Gunn and the Gentlelady Thief.

What can I say about this except sometimes a two minute doodle at a barbecue and a trailer can come together to create something both beautiful and terrible.

We’ve already had great fun creating this, we hope you have as much fun reading it!

- J