On the Tour

Had fun with this one, though easily the fiddliest thing I’ve inked with the brush so far. I think I might need to buy a smaller one for details, as some of this got a little nightmarish.

Funky florals from the guys at PatternHead.

This page is also bought to you by the light of Jack’s computer as it spontaneously set itself on fire. That may be a slight exaggeration, but either way he now has a nice heavy paperweight for a PC. Which will make getting scripts quite… interesting.

Good times!

Have fun, people.
– KT

On the plus side, folks, I have ordered a new one and am about to hand mum her laptop back.  Don’t worry guys, we’re WAY on top of this exploding PC thing.

Yesterday is filed under Epic Fail.  The fatal crash of my computer was actually just the icing on the cake.  Back to Psychonauts for me.  Right after I eat my cooling dinner.

– On a brighter note, I can approach the future scripts with the fresh outlook of a man striding out of scorched earth, the fires of apocalypse still smouldering on his shirtsleeve.  Seriously, the crash WAS that bad.  No drama.

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  1. Hope of Flail

    Oh you poor things. Jack and his spontaneously combusting equipment and KT with fiddly nightmares. Great page! Each one is better than the last! (readreadreadglee)

  2. LD

    DAYUM, Jack. XD;; Hope you guys can recover from that.

    And I sense a giant green eyed monster from our beloved detective’s direction. XD

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