A Matter of Perspective

This was a weird one. However, the force of pure GLEE that is MiniWynn makes me happy and lets me forgive the TINY TINY PERSPECTIVE GRIDS this page required. And the fact the new, smaller brush I bought is made of loss and fail and the bigger one actually makes thinner lines.

Meanwhile, oh dear god, we got the cast page up! It even has pictures of people who have not even appeared yet. Shocking, no? Here, go get some.

And as an added bonus, here’s the uncropped version of the images I did for it

Have fun, lovelies.


KT has confused and baffled me by putting her icon on the other side!  Thinking of voice over for this page was surprisingly difficult.  But you finally all get to see La Boulliere Rouge.  What’s this, Wesson, admitting you’re not being wholly honest with your friend?!  Gosh!

Stay safe, you loveable rabble.


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  1. Mids

    I love MiniWynn!

  2. Hope of Flail

    Tiny Wynn makes me want to hug someone randomly. He makes me that happy.

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