Breaking Loose (as in ‘all hell’)

We told you there’s be explosions.

First time I’ve drawn some BOOM in ages, so I had fun with it. Maybe a little too much fun. I like how GL’s expression came out though.

Enjoy, shiny happy people.


I am reliably informed that “ffffff debris”.  And I quote.

As promised week before last, my enjoyment of medical science was postponed, but I have caught the lurgy from the London Underground, the best place to catch disease since 1863 (when the first sections were opened, this history lesson was brought to you in conjunction with the letter Q and the number 3).

PS.  I have agreed to give you two messages to make up for the lack last week.  So here is some Important News (TM) for you people that you simply MUST know:

I have explored the entire known world on World of Warcraft and have a map tabard to prove it.  :P

Stay safe, lovely people.

– Jacque

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  1. John Evans

    That really is a wonderful expression, and a wonderful desperate attempt to keep one’s hat. :D

  2. SpiroExDeus


    I Loled

    It’s the simple things…

  3. WildFire15

    Nice, I do like the Thief’s expression too.
    See you’re working as hard as always Jacque. Keep it up :P

  4. SpiroExDeus

    Ooh. well spotted Wildfire. I didn’t notice the hat grabbage somehow.

    Always important to keep hold of your hat…

    Also only (explicitly) noticed the clever fragmentation effect for the frames after I’d posted my last comment so… er.. well done KT (which would only sound MORE patronising if I gave you a lollipop and told you to run along now…)

  5. LD

    And that wall was all like “BOOM muthfuka!” XD

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