It’s the dreaded H-word.

Yes, we are on a brief one, as we have entered folk and culture festival season, and this is where KT does a lot of work. Since it’s awful hard to do a comic while dragging a suitcase from festival to festival bringing the joy of comics and drawing to kids all over, I’m going to entertain you all with some juggling in the interim.



Everyone’s a critic.

So, I figured you guys could help me set up an FAQ for the comic by asking some questions. I would draw something for y’all, but I’m currently training for a career change and that’s time consuming stuff too.

SO, ask away!

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  1. SpiroExDeus

    The wait is so long let’s hope it’s not really “so long”.

    Been 3 months since any sign of activity. Please don’t either of you let the webcomic become a deadcomic. It’s too good a premise to fail…

  2. SpiroExDeus


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