About Us

Minnie Gunn and the Gentlelady Thief was created by a couple of lowlifes by the names of Katy Coope and Leigh Jacque Benedict-Calico.


An author, illustrator and webdesigner from Derbyshire, Katy Coope has published 3 books on drawing Manga for children, with the latest being shortlisted for the Society of Authors Educational Writer’s prize 2009. She is powered by caffeine, sarcasm and spiral energy.


Jacque likes to think he is a grumpy badass. He is not. He likes kittens too much to be badass.

Another author and illustrator (no web design please) from everywhere and currently in South England, Jacque writes a web novel and does a short children’s comic called Pandamonium for J.J. Express. ¬†He is powered by the sun, kittens and sugar.