The Cast

The Gentlelady Thief

Possibly the greatest thief of our living age. From her demeanour, equipment and attire she is thought to be the successor of the Gentleman Thief, a well known ne’er-do-well with exceptional manners. While her targets my appear to be unconnected, she dispenses a sharp combination of property loss and poetic justice.

Minnie Gunn

Oh, my. What can we say about Minnie Gunn? A valiant hero of justice, if by justice you mean huge amounts of collateral damage, and by hero you mean psychopath who pursues any and all people she has deemed a criminal with explosive prejudice. But some people are into that, we hear.

Tommy Wesson

Tommy Wesson, PI, was born with an overactive noir gene. It is not really his fault, he can’t help it. This is probably the nicest thing we can say about him.

Gwendolyn Golightly

Gwendolyn Golightly is one of those genuinely lovely people. She is a very loyal secretary to Wesson. Dedicated and hard working, she is the person standing anonymously in his shadow. How else would all of that paperwork get done?

Chester T. Wynn

If Wesson is the hardboiled Alsatian, then Wynn is golden retriever sniffer dog. One of the best cops on the force and an expert in the field of paraforensics. Wynn is a protector of the innocent and champion of the underdog who almost always thinks the best of people.

Mariella Chauchat

Wynn’s new partner, Chauchat is on a transfer from France for apparently confidential reasons. A brilliant detective with a broad spectrum of knowledge and little tolerance for idiocy.

Calvin Regen

Grandson of the great Professor von Regenbogen, super genius mad scientist of great renown in the criminal underworld. Calvin is not a professor, he is a mechanic, and no, he will not build you a death ray, so for gods sake stop asking.

Janice Carpenter

Fitness instructor by day, vigilante by night, and Calvin’s girlfriend/heavy/knight-in-shining-armour the rest of the time. She is slightly less explosive than Minnie Gunn, but packs a mean swing with a wrench (that a certain mechanic would like back, please).

Neville Crowley

Studious, hardworking, and mostly harmless. After finishing his degree, Neville was left with the same question so many young people have had to ask themselves: Just what does one do with a first class degree in theoretical arcane parascience?