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Hi guys, just letting you know we’re not dead. We’re currently working to build up a back-log, to buffer ourselves against future festival dates and things. KT is hard at work drawing and inking and I’m hard at work inventing new words- I mean, writing the comic. Yes. *wise nod*
Anyway, we [...]

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It’s the dreaded H-word.
Yes, we are on a brief one, as we have entered folk and culture festival season, and this is where KT does a lot of work. Since it’s awful hard to do a comic while dragging a suitcase from festival to festival bringing the joy of comics and drawing to kids [...]

We’re having a break week here at MG and GL, due to other commitments. ¬†Yes, dear readers, we are very committed (perhaps we should be).
As a consolation prize, I bring you this, a doodle I futzed around with on photoshop.
The Gentlelady Thief disappears into the night.  Whoosh.

My faithful partner in crime comes to the rescue [...]